08-20-12 - MONDAY METAL!!
Tonight: METAL MONDAY @ 2 Bit Saloon!



05-29-12 - Lake Union Pub Reunion Details
The final band list for the Lake Union Pub Reunion show has been announced! Looking at the list of bands, you know it`s going to be an entertaining event in one way or another!

July 7th, 2012 @ The Funhouse (3pm - 2am)

Piss Drunks
Positive Greed
Chicken and Three Legged Dog
Orange 42
Tasty Gore
Platonic Bondage
Pure Hatred
Burn Burn Burn


05-03-12 - Lake Union Pub Reunion show!
The good people behind the old Lake Union Pub are gathering bands of the past to create a festering mass of flesh to commemorate the many years of debauchery back in the day!

July 7th, 2012 @ The Funhouse

Once the bands have been confirmed, we will post the entire list here. Until then, prepare for the madness! \m/ \m/


04-06-12 - More stuff to come....
In the coming weeks, we should have some great upcoming info of our rotting corpse! Just waiting until the right level of congealment! \m/ \m/


03-17-11 - Tasty Gore @ Galway Arms
Galway Arms - Seattle



11-30-10 - Tonights show cancelled
Tonights show is cancelled due to some stupid demands from Chop Suey and some idiot Burlesque troup.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of morons in the metal scene these days.


11-12-10 - Blood, Tits, and Metal
Tuesday, November 30th 2010
Chop Suey Presents:

Blood, Tits, and Metal: A Gorelesque Metal Feast!

The Gorelesque Girls performing with

*Feeding The Phlegethon
*Tasty Gore
*Blood and Thunder


09-17-10 - Woods of Death!
We, along with many other bands, will be playing a show out in the woods this weekend at Lost Lake. It sounds like the premise of a horror movie so, we figured, lets do it! If you know where it is, come out. Otherwise, come out anyway.


05-17-09 - Quite a milestone!
This year Tasty Gore will be turning 20 years old!! That`s almost a lifetime. We will need to conjure up something a little special for the celebration.


09-23-08 - Carcass, king among men!
Carcass ruled the stage Sunday night! Not only did they kick major ass but, we got to hang with jeff Walker for a while and, not only is he cool as hell, he is pretty damn funny!

Getting to snag a pick from Jeff and stealing Bill Steer`s songlist completed the night as one of the best in my life!